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Based in Niagara’s beautiful wine country, with over 150 wineries on my doorstep, I am truly embracing life as “The Wine Psychologist”. By day I am a professor at the Goodman School of Business and a consumer psychologist; I teach the scientific principles of psychology to business leaders and vintners. I began researching brand memory over 2 decades ago and now my focus is on wine labels and their purchase influence. My research is both my profession and my passion, from visiting wineries, the LCBO, Wine Shops and watching people make selections, to active behavioural experiments at Brock University’s Wine Consumer Lab, and giving seminars to wine industry colleagues about the science of how and why people buy. Want to learn the latest science in how to sell so people will buy?


“The journey is the thing.”

– Homer


For 20+ years my psychological research has looked at the science of consumer cognition: how consumers perceive, think, feel and make a decision to buy and consume.

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People always ask, “what’s a “good” wine?” or “what wineries should I visit?” or “how should I go about serving wine?” Here are my top tips.


By day I am a professor at Brock University and a consumer psychologist. I teach courses and seminars on consumer behaviour, elements of marketing, and wine marketing. Want to learn more?

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With my doctorate in psychology I specialize in the science behind how consumers think, feel, and make decisions. Think of that time you were standing in the isle at the LCBO and wondering which wine to buy for your Thanksgiving gathering? All your thoughts, the decision you ultimately made, and how you felt about it is what I study and publish about. It’s about consumer psychology and behaviour. I teach business leaders and wine makers how consumers think, feel, decide, buy, consume and remember.

Antonia has done some fascinating work understanding consumer decisions. We are living in a constantly evolving consumer landscape. Research such as this is vital for the long-term health of our industry.

– Brian Schmidt, Grape Grower & Wine Maker, Vineland Estates Winery

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